Diamond Associates Client Testimonials


“ArLyne Diamond has a high degree of mental quickness and alertness, and she is extremely intelligent (I might even say brilliant actually). I also found her to have a great ability to facilitate the clearing up of communication problems…[with] a high degree of integrity…She is quick and witty and is gifted with a fine sense of humor.”  

-  Arthur Anton, Ph.D. – Associates Psychologists

“It was the best lecture I have heard in my 12 years at the college. I think you have raised the consciousness of many students concerning the issues of women’s rights and position in society today."  

  - Marci Douglas, Professor of English, Gavlin College

“Your professional, adroit and humorous handling of the many meetings gave everyone a comfortable and open approach to problem solving that has accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I appreciate your ability not only to lead people, but to redirect their energies to look at problems differently.  More importantly to change attitudes, the hardest of all to reshape.”  

-  Leonard D. Miller, CEO, Quorum International Ltd.
and Citizen’s Task Force Representative to City of San Carlos Core Team for Permit Streamlining

“Having experienced the quality of Diamond Associate’s work personally during the three years I attended the CEO Leadership Roundtable Dr. Diamond led. We intend to continue to use her services in a variety of areas. She guided them [managers] on how to manage people, projects, processes and programs… The feedback from all our employees was outstanding. They liked her personally, respected her work… Many of our managers came to her for personal professional development. ArLyne gives much more of herself than most consultants… She met with our CEO and executive staff…. Helped us with other projects… and behaved at all times as though she herself were a significant and long term member of our senior executive staff.  Dr. Diamond is capable of consulting at every level of an organization and across many dimensions."

- Gopa Periyadan, Co-Founder,
Vice-President & GM SSBU, GDA Technologies, Inc.


“Dr. ArLyne Diamond has a remarkable gift for helping people achieve a far higher level of well being than they might otherwise have felt possible.  At the core of this ‘gift’ is the great depth of caring, emotional sensitivity and human empathy she possesses, and her deep and abiding belief in the innate value and possibility of each individual."  

  -  Dr. Richard C. Eden, Sr. Vice-President Gigabit Logic

“You spoke to your audience with great sensitivity and empathy and shared many excellent concepts.  Your dialogue with the various Pro-Match members was truly fabulous.  Not only did you come up with workable solutions for painful situations, but your advice was real and gut level, pertinent to their individual needs.”  

 - Helen Gracon, Facilitator – ProMatch

"I highly recommend Diamond Associates – ArLyne’s facilitation skills are superb, her integrity unquestioned, and her contribution in terms of both 'soft skills' as well as subject matter expertise are excellent."  

    -  Lori Kendall, Vice-President
Genesys Telecommunications Labs, Inc.


“The four hours I spent with you were highly valuable. The information was practical and immediately applicable to my work, as it would be to any manager who interviews, hires, tracks performance and sometimes, unfortunately, fires. Your presentation of the material was interesting, the pace was right, your examples were relevant and reflected your experience. I truly enjoyed the workshop as well as finding it practical."

- Jeanne Howard, Advertising Director, METRO Newspapers


“I noticed many positive changes within our staff…The session you facilitated was professionally organized and effectively presented. Your ability to bring each individual into discussion as well as your ability to keep us from ‘wandering’ was much appreciated. I felt that we were able to discuss many complex and sensitive areas, and the end result was a better understanding of each individual’s role… It is now common to hear individuals comment on an improved working atmosphere and a higher level of communication has developed … as a direct result of our Management Development session. The improved atmosphere and communication level has had a positive Impact on our staff’s morale and has even boosted productivity."

-  Phil Kleinheinz, Fire Chief, City of Santa Clara, Fire Dept.

“ArLyne has shown dedication, warmth, boldness and clarity. She has a sense of cleaving through to the essence of a problem." 

    - Jack Nidever, Ph.D. Associated Psychologists

“Your workshop… was invaluable!  Your knowledge & skills are excellent.  We enjoyed the quick wit and the support materials were terrific.  I personally learned a great deal and the agents are still asking if we can’t please have you here on a permanent basis…You might consider changing the title of your seminar to:  How to figure out where you are, how you got there, where you want to be and how to go about making the most of your talents and how to zero in on the needs of your clients to best serve them, while enjoying the process.”  

 -  Patty Marlow, Vice-President/Manager, Cornish & Carey, Campbell, CA

“Your degree of knowledge on the subject matter – Sexual Harassment, Myth vs. Facts – was extremely impressive and your delivery of the material equally skillful.  The feedback from our employees has been wonderful.  Thank you for making a subject that, in someone else’s hands, could have been very awkward.  Not only was it not awkward, but I have actually received requests for additional training sessions, from those same employees who felt they didn’t need it in the first place”. 

    -  Ellen R. Fox, Personnel Director,
Tichenor Media Systems, Inc.


“ArLyne was effectively able to bring various members of my staff together to accomplish significant and innovative changes…[and] in helping to create an environment for us to continue with these efforts. We are now implementing many of your recommendations in the management study. It has been a valuable tool for me to use as I continue to 'fine tune' the city’s management structure…Thank you for your varied and excellent contributions.”  

- Michael P. Garvey, City Manager, City of San Carlos

“Successful process and organizational improvements require strong facilitation and interpersonal skills. ArLyne has the ability to listen, manage conflict and get to the bottom line.  …resulted in positive and tangible changes to existing processes and organization [as well as] community participation”.  

-  Connie Martinez, Vice-President Joint Venture Silicon Valley

“I came away with several ideas that I have now implemented, resulting in better communication with my current client base, as well as substantial Increase in projected sales.  I absolutely enjoyed the balance between your warm, friendly and witty presentation, and your high degree of professionalism." 

    -  Natalie Ives, Broker, Cornish & Carey, Campbell, CA.



“Diamond Associates has helped us in formalizing personnel policies, streamlining office procedures, preparing an office manual, team building, resolving internal conflicts, office redesign, and even interior decorating.  Through customer service training and business and marketing development they helped my accountants increase their client base significantly.  ArLyne Diamond has all of the qualities that business managers and owners seek in that she is dedicated, dependable, and gets results.  In my opinion her strongest point is that she’s incredibly smart, cuts through a lot of the fog, and gets to the bottom line in an incredibly short time.  She also earns the respect and trust of employees who are willing to risk making change with her help.”  

 - Leonard W. Williams, CPA

“ArLyne was deeply involved in redefining the way San Carlos does business and in reshaping employee attitudes.  She also made a number of valuable observations about our feelings about diversity in the workplace and a number of management/non-management issues.  We found her insight to be of great value and have made them a feature in many of the changes we have implemented since.” 

- Michael P. Garvey, City Manager, City of San Carlos

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