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Speech & Seminars Results

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“On behalf of CSIX CONNECT, I’d like to thank you once again for providing our members with such a great, interactive session. You received a perfect 10 from almost every member of our group. Our members were very impressed by how you involved them in the conversation, your depth of knowledge, and the relevance of your talk to improving their chances of landing their dream job. You have such great energy!” -Hamid Saadat, Founder and Chairman of the Board, CSIX CONNECT

“ArLyne Diamond’s speaking style is both unique and highly engaging. Her breadth of knowledge, depth of experience and motivational finesse result in a first-class experience. Our audiences find Dr. Diamond to be a highly informative resource. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Diamond for future speaking engagements.” - Ed Buckingham, Marketing Director and Executive Team Member, CSIX CONNECT


• Interactive speeches about interviewing, job hunting, resume writing, and image


“Your San Diego B/PAA presentation was probably the very best I have heard at any B/PAA meeting! You unlocked several previously locked doors and turned on many lights! The information you presented was absolutely perfect for some of my immediate needs, as well as good for general education!”  - Perry J. Murphy, General Manager, Profit Through Marketing Services


• Communicating with the Engineer (For Marketing people)




“Thank you for the very informative presentation on Sexual Harassment you gave to our Classified Staff. You presented a very practical approach to the issue.  The comments and evaluations we received were very positive.” - Dianna Dee Mackey, Staff Development Coordinator, Mission College


“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you made yesterday at Gavilan. In my opinion, it was the best lecture I have heard in 12 years at the college. You have raised the consciousness of many students concerning the issues of women’s rights and position in society today.”
- Marci Douglas, Professor of English, Gavilan College


• Speech:  Women in the Workplace


“I was most impressed by your presentation on 'Staying Up During Hard Times' to the Sunnyvale ProMatch Organization. You spoke to your audience with great sensitivity and empathy and shared many excellent concepts to combat depression and maintain a more positive attitude during these challenging times. Your dialogue with our members was truly fabulous. Not only did you come up with workable solutions for painful situations, but your advice was real and at gut level, particular to their individual needs.” - Helen Gracon, Facilitator, ProMatch

“The ProMatch Organization of Sunnyvale would like to thank you for your presentation on 'How to Dialogue with Family.' It was a very appropriate topic and was well received by the audience. One of the important ProMatch functions is to offer timely and relevant information by dynamic guest speakers such as yourself – keep up the good work!” - Bob Gross, Marketing Communications, ProMatch

“I thought your presentation was delightful  - an adept dealing with a delicate subject. Hope to have you as a speaker again.” - Elise Erickson, California Employment Development Department


• Interactive Speeches:

   - Staying Up During Hard Times – Dealing with Depression and Fear

   - Helping your spouse and family deal with you being out of work



“Your session,’ Sexual Harassment:  The Challenge of Finding Balance in the Workplace,’ was an excellent addition to our program.  Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly favorable.” - Chris Clark-Tailey, Staff Development Committee, Kathleen Heising, Committee Member, San Jose State University, Office of the Vice-President of Student Affairs


“For the past three years I have served with ArLyne to provide leadership training to Synagogues. ArLyne is far and away the most capable person on our committee.

In one training session we spent four days consulting with the Synagogue’s leadership and then conducted board training for a congregation in severe crisis.  The board was experiencing tremendous conflict. The board asked ArLyne to return on many occasions to assist them as they worked through their problems. Through ArLyne’s guidance and leadership the board resolved the crisis, settled its differences and now works together in harmony.

Following ArLyne’s most recent group presentation the Presidents of the attending synagogues asked if she would visit their congregations individually to conduct board training.

ArLyne gently yet firmly guides groups toward consensus and meaningful decision making on challenging issues. No matter what issues a congregation faces or type of training they desire, ArLyne creates a program to fit the bill. She spends many hours interviewing key participants in order to fully understand the group’s concerns and dynamics. She emphasizes communication, listening and giving constructive feedback – decision-making, conflict resolution and team building.  She is an asset to every organization with whom she has worked.” - Robin Leonard, Chair, Leadership Development Committee, Northern California Council of the Union of Hebrew congregations


• Strategic Planning Retreat

• Rabbi Consulting

• Conflict Resolution

• Board of Directors Training


“Thank you for your excellent presentation, ‘Looking Within and Breaking Your Barriers’ to the Institute of Management Consultants. Our group is a tough audience to please and you received a high rating.  As the evaluations show, the attendees particularly liked the content and how well you interacted with them.  Your presentation was exactly what we wanted, practical tips presented in an interesting and entertaining way.  Thank you again, for a great presentation on an important topic – breaking out of the ‘box.’” - Jim Sloane, Events Committee Chair, Organization of Design & Management Explorations


“Dr. Diamond is very knowledgeable of the challenges women face in non-traditional work environments. She understands deeply the difficulties women face not only entering the fire services, but also as they seek promotions. She was able to offer suggestions on how to diffuse difficult situations before they got out of hand.  I was very impressed by her understanding of the fire service, our dependence on each other, and many of the stereotypes we have generated over the years.  She was able to break through the stereotypes and promote a sense among the women in the workshop that we can be successful in this career.

Dr. Diamond was able to relate her life experiences and research in the workshop in a manner that made the women feel that some of the issues we face in the fire service are not unique, others have the same challenges, and have been successful in meeting those challenges. The women left the workshop with a better understanding of their current situations and many sound ideas and keys for identifying potential problems and steps to take to either prevent them from occurring or how to handle them if they do arise.” - Judy Jewell, Deputy Chief of Operations, Palo Alto Fire Department


• Interactive workshop for Women in Fire Service

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