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Leonard Williams

Black Mountain

Metro Newspapers

Janice Driscoll, E.A.

Cornish & Carey

San Carlos

Sally White, CPA

Leonard W. Williams, CPA

“We have been using ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. as a 'one stop' management consultant for some period of time. She has helped us in formalizing personnel policies, streamlining office procedures, preparing an office manual, team building, resolving internal conflicts, office redesign, and even interior decorating.  Through customer service training and business and marketing development she helped my accountants increase their client base significantly.  She has all of the qualities that business managers and owners seek in that she is dedicated, dependable, and gets results.  In my opinion, her strongest point is that she’s incredibly smart, cuts through a lot of the fog, and gets to the bottom line in an incredibly short time.  She also earns the respect and trust of employees who are willing to risk making changes with her help…. As we worked with her, I re-discovered that she is compassionate, understanding of people and the issues that get in their way of success, and resolute in her commitment to lack of prejudice and stereotypical comments within the workplace.  I found myself relying on her more and more to help me as CEO of my firm.  She has the ability to see reality clearly, to understand and resolve problems swiftly, and to create practical common sense processes, polices, and procedures…. [She] does not create problems to solve. She is very cost conscious and always gives more value than the items for which she charges.”  - Leonard W. Williams, CPA

Black Mountain Spring Water

“The information you provided was concise and easy to understand for all levels of employees.  The training you conducted with our supervisors, managers and executive staff was upbeat and well received.” - Dave Spencer, Director Human Resources, Black Mountain Spring Water.

Metro Newspapers

“I have sat through, or endured many more consultants than the average person.  I’m always skeptical … about spending precious hours and only getting minutes worth of value.  The four hours I spent with you were highly valuable.  The information was practical and immediately applicable to my work, as it would be to any manager who interviews, hires, tracks performance and sometimes, unfortunately, fires.  … Your presentation of the material was interesting, the pace was right, your examples were relevant and reflected your experience.  I truly enjoyed the entire workshop as well as finding it practical.” - Jeanne Howard, Advertising Director.  Metro Newspapers.

Janice Driscoll, E.A.

"… I have been working regularly with the Management Consultant, ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.  I have seen a wonderful change in my business since ArLyne has been working with my office.  We now have a complete and very through office procedure manual.  The manual is a huge asset to my office.  It has allowed me to train and allow the staff to have a handy resource for questions when I am not available.  … Also, ArLyne provided a complete area list of supplies, vendors and the strike point to order additional supplies.  … she also laid out the office furniture and work areas.  … We continue to meet to develop additional marketing, staff hiring, and general management of my personal income tax preparation practice.” - Janice Driscoll, E.A.

Cornish & Carey Realtors

“… You might consider changing the title of your seminar to:  'How to figure out where you are, how you got there, where you want to be and how to go about making the most of your talents and how to zero in on the needs of your clients to best serve them, while enjoying the process.'”
- Patty Marlowe, Vice-President/Manager Cornish & Carey Realtors.


City of San Carlos

“The City of San Carlos employed ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. to do an organizational study.  Dr. Diamond spent over one year observing the workings of City Hall and interviewing key personnel.  Her observations and conclusions were presented in a comprehensive report which included recommendations for each City department…. She was deeply involved in redefining the way San Carlos does business and in reshaping employee attitudes… We found her insights to be of great value and have made them a feature in many of the changes we have implemented since.” - Michael P. Garvey, City Manager, City of San Carlos.

Sally White, CPA

“Our firm is a fast-paced, quickly growing company…. Dr. Diamond has great insight into all aspects of having employees.  She includes in her approach the needs of our business as well as the needs of the employees…. [She] developed a manual with a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects of the employer-employee relationship.  We have found Dr. Diamond to be insightful, efficient and knowledgeable.  We have yet to present her with a problem that she has not found at least two very effective means of addressing.” - Sally White, CPA

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