Diamond Associates Small Business Practices and Development

Small Business Practices & Development

Diamond Associates Small Business Practices and Development

Like me, I know you love what you do – whether you’re a chef in a restaurant, an owner/buyer in a retail store,
a psychologist, chiropractor, accountant, or a massage therapist. Sometimes, however, there is this wish there was
someone else to bounce ideas off, to help you with the “business” of your profession or to turn to when the risk seems
larger than you think you can (or should) bear alone. Having a trusted professional consultant is so valuable.

Diamond Associates has been successful providing management consulting, advice, and professional services
to small businesses similar to the services that large companies enjoy.

  • Strategic and tactical planning to execute your next stage growth plans.
  • Leadership and management training.
  • Change, conflict, communication, and compliance issues.
  • Policy and procedure development and deployment.
  • Customer service – internal and external
  • Employee needs – analysis, interviewing, selection, and training.
  • Strategic marketing for new business and renewed business development.

We can help you with your Digital Marketing, provide financial and technical support, or even give your business a 
branding and marketing face-lift. Click here to learn about our support staff.

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