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Diamond Associates is about helping people get the best out of themselves and others.  It’s never been about our glory – but always about how we could be the catalyst that would enable leaders and organizations to make the changes that would make them more successful.


For me it started many years ago.


I always knew the importance of being aware and helping others through that awareness.  For example, as an elementary school student I cajoled my fellow students into boycotting the local Woolworth’s store until they started hiring African Americans.


I also produced a series of seven live programs called Breaking Down the Walls of Fear and Hate which accompanied a display of photographs taken by a German Soldier showing the atrocities in the Warsaw Ghetto. The series won the Human Relations Award that year.  Panels included a) different religious leaders, b) criminal justice experts, c) educators, and d) even holocaust survivors from several countries.


I offer you these examples not because I was or am an activist, but because they show how my life has been shaped.


I was mentored by brilliant businessmen during my early office work career. Because I was observant, I offered process improvement suggestions – which led to my consulting practice as an “efficiency expert.”


As a therapist I learned that my role was to make the suggestions and ask the questions that enabled my client to make the changes that would benefit their lives.  As consultants my colleagues and I have followed the same theme.


I began Diamond Associates in 1981 to bring together a group of professionals who had the same intentions I did: to help individuals and organizations transform by listening, cleaving to the essence of the problem, and enabling clients to get the best out of themselves and others.


Our team focuses on people and processes in the workplace – and since we come from different backgrounds, sharing different expertise and experiences.  We offer a multi-faceted list of services which help people get the best out of themselves and others.


Our process has been described as insightful, warm, direct and effective.  We have been able to accomplish significant and innovative changes for our clients, creating an environment which allows them to continue their efforts along a better and more effective path.


Whether you are in a start-up, seasoned public company, on a non-profit board, or government agency, our intention for you is the same as it was 35 years ago to inspire your best and most innovative work, to smooth your transitions while keeping your long-term goals in mind, and to keep your talking, sharing and listening.


But, we work in the background – making others look good.


How can LinkedIn help our company grow?  By your vote of confidence.  By your providing exposure and the ability to meet the budding CEOs who best would benefit from our multi-faceted services.

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