Diamond Associates International and Global Issues

International & Global Issues

Diamond Associates International and Global Issues

Working within a diverse and world-wide workforce, new methods are evolving, allowing for the creation of common workplace expectations, values, and mutual acceptance. The integration of different views often brings a stronger
and more unique mosaic, leading to creative solutions to problems. Diamond Associates works from the top down
to create an organizational culture that suits the needs of all involved.

  • Leading and Managing Cross-Culturally
  • Managing Diversity, Culture, Age, Gender, etc.
  • Americanizing – Acculturation
  • Creating and Maintaining the Desired Company Culture
ArLyne Diamond Leading and Managing a Global Workforce Book Cover

Leading and Managing a Global Workforce

Dr. Diamond draws on her extensive background in global business, marketing management, and business ownership to bring real-world expertise and advice to a changing global workplace. She focuses on current business trends, the future of working in a fast-paced global environment and offers many suggestions for dealing with the changes, chaos, and challenges of today and tomorrow's workplace. (click to learn more)

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