Diamond Associates Change Transformation and Conflict Resolution

Change, Transformation & Conflict Resolution

Diamond Associates Change Transformation  and Conflict Resolution

Due to the hiring of a new CEO, a merger, acquisition, or other needs, organizations often need transformation in big and small ways. Diamond Associates works with clients to create
a new, more effective and harmonious culture, or as one of
our CEOs said, “raise the bar, make things better.”

Conflict is all around us. Some is small and easy to resolve, while others require intervention. Dr. Diamond is an authority
on all forms of ADR, and her work ranges from teaching neutrality in assessment to resolving serious and emotional dispute. Her book, “Conflict in the Workplace: Causes and Cures” is often used in training programs.

  • Setting the Tone – Goals
  • Overcoming Fear and Resistance
  • Building Trust
  • Process Improvement
  • Attitude and Behavioral Change
  • Growth – Solidify
  • Assessment – Neutrally
  • Design Appropriate Response
  • ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation)
  • Sanctions and Re-Integration as appropriate

Dr. Diamond has many years of experience as an arbitrator and mediator, including helping people in custody disputes, fee arbitration with the Santa Clara Bar Association, Better Business Bureau arbitration and mediation. In addition, of course, she has worked with countless clients facilitating their ability to resolve disputes. Dr. Diamond has taught ADR at the University of Santa Cruz-Extension Program and for Stanford University Continuing Education.

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