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Silicon Valley Engineering Council

Dave Laroche, Writer

Elizabeth Courtney Depew, MT


“Dr. Diamond's book [Leading and Managing a Global Workforce] fills a gap in a most important knowledge base:  the science and art of creating productive and creative leaders for corporations as well as for non-profit organizations.  I was one of those lucky leaders to commission ArLyne to train my board of directors at the Silicon Valley Engineering Council with huge success. I can firmly state that during my two years tenure as president of SVEC we gained the tools to achieve tremendous progress and visibility for over 60,000 engineers, scientists, and technologists.” - Dr. Sam David Haddad, P.E., Consulting Professor of Engineering, Stanford University, Chairman of Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame


• Author of:  Leading and Managing a Global Workforce

• Board of Directors Training

• Individual Consulting


“I wanted you to know that I find your diamonds to be the brightest in my collection of gems….they do me great service!”




“I congratulate you on your choice of ArLyne M. Diamond, Ph.D. as a featured writer and contributor to your publication.  After I finished reading her second article I was intrigued and decided to call her.

I was astounded when ArLyne picked up the phone.  She was gracious, informative and spent a great deal of time with me.  I found her to be acutely aware of our ‘world.’  She did not speak in generalized business language but has clear knowledge of the nuances of our profession and the markets we work in.

She imparted many creative ideas during our conversation and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone attempting any business pioneering.  I would especially recommend her to those individuals who have little to no business knowledge or background as she is well educated and her advice can be trusted as truly consultative.  Above all she is a warm and patient person.”

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