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Conducting Workplace Investigations: Designated Investigator

Why Should You Read This Book?

A year ago this book would have been important; today it is essential reading. For the past year, it seems, not a day has gone by without a new investigation being announced: in government, in business, in schools, even in churches. Claims and counterclaims have been leveled that a particular investigation is, at best, unnecessary, or worse, a witch hunt. As you can tell from its title, this book is about workplace investigations, not only of sexual-harassment and assault claims, so prevalent in today’s headlines, but of other misbehaviors, both mild and severe. It answers questions such as: When is an investigation warranted? Who should do the investigating? How should they go about it? What should be done in the aftermath? When, and what kind of, sanctions are appropriate? Companies would do well to know the answers to these questions and more that the book covers.

$20 Paperback

Culture Inside the Company and Outside the Country

Why Should You Read This Book?

Good question. The simple answer is because it’ll help your company and employees thrive. True enough, but the complete answer is a little more complicated. To simplify for brevity’s sake, understanding culture—both within and without an organization—is critical to its success. Since every company has a culture, its leaders have a choice: let that culture happen by accident, or help shape it to fit their needs and vision. As for outside the company, it’s very clear by now that business today is global in nature, companies do a great deal of business in other countries, often even own facilities in them. And just as every company has a culture, so does every country, which means organizations would do well to understand other countries’ cultures and accommodate them, the better to do business in them. Bottom line: this book will help you shape your own culture and deal with that of other countries.

$25 Paperback
$12 EBook

Leading and Managingg a Global Workforce Book Cover

Leading and Managing A Global Workforce

Dr. Diamond draws on her extensive background in global business, marketing management, and business ownership to bring real-world expertise and advice to a changing global workplace. She focuses on current business trends, the future of working in a fast-paced global environment and offers many suggestions for dealing with the changes, chaos, challenges of the workplace of today and tomorrow.

An easy read, with lots of stories from her life and practice, the author paints a clear picture that shows readers how to get the best out of themselves and others (her tag line) in the face of today's unique challenges.

This is an excellent tutorial for leaders, managers, and those on the fast track for success. Leaders, managers and teams of today and tomorrow are faced with the necessity of working with people all over the globe, often never having the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Dr. Diamond offers leaders a roadmap for understanding and managing a globally dispersed workforce. She offers sage advice on how to navigate the challenges of current educational offerings and how to maximize them for career development in this broad and ever-changing competitive global environment.

$20 Paperback
$9 Ebook

Conflict in the Workplace:  Causes and Cures

Conflict in the Workplace: Causes and Cures is a must-read for every modern manager and team member. It details practical and immediately applicable steps you can use today to successfully reduce workplace conflict.

Whether the conflict in your workplace has arisen due to culture, gender, generational, personality style, or just plain stressed out and overworked employees, Dr. Diamond's insights shed light on the likely origin of the conflict. She then walks you through simple steps to resolve the conflict quickly and easily. Dr. Diamond's no-nonsense approach will charm and disarm you and anyone else involved in workplace conflict.

Her work has appeared on radio, television, YouTube and Facebook and includes numerous articles and columns, including the column, Workplace, for the San Jose Business Journal. Her previously published books include Training Your Board of Directors and The "Please" and "Thank You" of Fund-Raising, and her latest books, Leading and Managing in a Global Economy and Conflict in the Workplace:  Causes and Cures. 47 pages




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Conflict in the Workplace Book Cover

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Training Your Board of Directors Book Cover

Training Your Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is critical to the health and growth of both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. Although there are some differences in organizational roles and responsibilities, similarities far outweigh the differences.

This manual is designed for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Board Chairs, Board Directors, Administrators, Executive Directors and those contemplating serving on boards in the future. Although the manual works best as an interactive document for a group of people working together with a well trained facilitator, it can be used as an educational and motivational guide for any interested individual willing to improve his or her participation on boards, committees, or groups of any kind.

This manual is different from most board training books.  Whether you are a member of a religious organization's board, a charity, an association, a not-for-profit of another kind, an advisory board, or a corporation board, either public or private, you will benefit from the information and exercises offered here.  The exercises and information can be easily extrapolated for groups and committees of any kind – including family groups.
158 pages


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The Please and Thank you of Fundraising for Non Profits Book Cover

The "Please" and "Thank You" of Fundraising for Non-Profits

This book will show you how to successfully raise funds for non-profits; whether you are a member of a national organization, or a small community association.

In preparation to write this book, Dr. Diamond interviewed a number of experienced and successful fund-raisers.  Some run national organizations, others are volunteers for large charities, and some are successful fund-raisers in their local communities.  She finds that the essential ingredients for success are the same; regardless of how much money is being raised and her book covers them in detail.

Small organizations might have only one or two methods for generating cash, whereas larger organizations can utilize multiple methods.  Dr. Diamond concludes that raising money for non-profits is an art form rather than a science and her book will show you how to do it.
126 pages


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